Video Sells

For years video has been considered an excellent way to sell many products and services if the medium was available to show it. Now with the web so present in our marketing and advertising plans, using high quality video is an excellent choice.

We shoot HD video with digital SLR cameras and very sharp professional lenses. We shoot 1920 x 1080 full out HD with stereo HD sound recorded with a mixer and condenser microphones.

We edit in Adobe Premiere Professional 2020 with all of the trimmings of the current CC Professional Suite. We can shoot single or multiple camera video (up to 3 cameras).

We can add narration tracks, background music tracks, chroma-key backgrounds, titles, banners, or whatever the project requires.

Our Projects

This was an inspiring assignment that we put together the spring of 2019. I co-produced it with Steven Sheets and Tonia Holderman of the North Carolina State Veterans Home in Black Mountain. There were many other contributions by staff members and folks like The Arlington National Cemetery and The Women In Military Service For America Memorial. It’s a short five minute movie – enjoy.

And don't forget Time Lapse