for the love of woodworking

Since I was a kid… I have loved making things. Working with my hands was my favorite pastime. Art classes, drawing, calligraphy, playing my guitar, whittling things out of sticks with my pocketknife was a favorite.

It still is!

Mixing woodworking and photography – two of my very favorite means of artistic expression – with my favorite human (wife Cindy) is the best!

I remember as a kid always gazing out the window imagining being outside enjoying life instead of being in school… or wherever. Now Cindy & I travel the country taking nature and landscape shots and then build custom picture frames that look like windows.

You can look through these custom window frames and see songbirds, wild animals, lighthouses, or what ever I see next in my head and make!

And the flags. I hail from a military family and am lover of all things American and wooden. Made by hand, by me – in the USA!

And they are available through our Handmade Amazon Storefront. Click the link below to check it out!

thinking outside
the window